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National Fitness Day

Joining a sports team as an adult is quite a different experience. I recently joined a local netball team especially for those that haven’t played for a while. I was anxious about joining at first but I loved playing netball at school and when I was in the Army. When I spoke to the gentleman putting the teams together and he reassured me that there would be lots of players like me returning to the game after years of not playing. So I decided to be brave and give it a go.

I didn’t have the confidence to play as a shooter in school but now I’m in my 40’s I thought I would love a go at shooting. I volunteered myself and that was a very empowering moment.

Team sport at any age is a great way to improve your fitness and confidence. I’ve made new friends and we all love playing as a team. I’ve also found it a very body positive environment. We are women of all ages, shapes and sizes and we are putting our own anxieties aside to give something a go again.

Sport is great brain training, in netball we need good hand, eye co-ordination, balance and quick decision making.

Most of all it’s been so much fun and scoring goals for my team has been an incredible experience. Seeing all of our red and smiley faces at the end of a game is a highlight for me, especially when we win! Then comes the post exercise endorphins. I’m honestly buzzing afterwards.

The downside of starting sport in your 40’s is the tight and aching muscles afterwards, especially your legs. I usually go in my ice bath at home to help with that, and I get a regular sports massage with my colleague at The Healing Hut Klaudia.

I can highly recommend giving a sport you enjoy a go again. It makes fitness seem like fun and I’ve loved playing again.

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