What is a Doula

Doula's provide continuous support for the whole family through pregnancy, birth and early days of parenthood.  Filling a role that new mothers and families have always needed, we are there to listen, give confidence and not judge.  Offering flexible, practical and emotional support we work in women's own homes as well as in hospitals throughout the UK.

I am:

  • A mentored Doula registered with Doula UK

  • Pre and Postnatal Doula

  • Qualified physical therapist specialising in the treatment of pregnant and post-partum women

  • ·Trained in pregnancy manual therapy, aromatherapy and pregnancy massage


My services are available on a one to one basis or within group sessions

I can see you in your home or at the clinic that I practice at in Quorn, Leicestershire​


Why Choose Me?

​I'm no stranger to stress and I have my own young child called Milly.  I myself had a difficult delivery and I know that labour can be a daunting life event.  I'm there to guide you and your birthing partner through the birthing process so you can enjoy your moment as a warrior woman.  There's no better feeling than bringing your child into the world and I want you to be able to enjoy the unique experience.  Every birth is different and I'm also there to help you and your birthing partner understand every option available to you so that you can make informed decisions.  Whether it's at home, at hospital or in a theatre via caesarean section I'm here to discuss your desired delivery and come up with your birth wishes with you and your partner.

If you would like to to have a chat with me about this, please follow the contact me link on the website.